Important Update!!!
The County has given us an extension to keep the Wednesday Market open through March 31st of 2018. This will give the Civic Association time to work on a new lease for the remainder of this year and beyond. According to the SABCA President Bill Jones there is still much work and persuasion to be done. “It is our goal to keep the Market at Pier Park. This is where our organization started the Market 19 years ago. The community, our visitors, and our vendors love the location and we still maintain that closing or moving the Market will not solve the County’s revenue shortfall or the parking challenges at the beach,” Jones said. “It is imperative that the community call members of local and county government and let them know the Market is vital to our community’s quality of life and identity.” Please reach out to the County Commissioners and tell them you support the Civic Association and want the Wednesday Market to stay at Pier Park. Here’s how to reach the decision makers;

Commissioner Jimmy Johns – 904-209-0301 –
Commissioner Jeb Smith 904-209-0302 –
Commissioner Paul Waldron – 904-209-0303 –
Commissioner Jay Morris – 904-209-0304 –
Commissioner Henry Dean – 904-209-0305 –
Administrator Michael Wanchick – 904-209-0350 –

Save the Date please – Tuesday, February 20th at the County Auditorium… The future of the Market will again be discussed by the Commission as an agenda item. Check back here for details on where the Market appears on the agenda.


To promote and stimulate interest in our beautiful beach community placing emphasis on quality of life, art, culture and community service. The Civic Association takes an active role in and keeps its members informed regarding the improvement, operation, and management of our City, County, and State. As we identify and recognize the communities needs, the Civic Association encourages the participation of its membership and the Community in an effort to improve Saint Augustine Beach.

Who We Are & What We Do

The Saint Augustine Beach Civic Association is 501C4 not for profit organization. The group is led by a group of volunteer officers that are elected each year. Membership is open to anyone, however, only members who live in, own property or operate a business within the City of Saint Augustine Beach may vote or hold an office on the Board of Directors.

Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 PM at City Hall. We do not meet in June, July, or August. The Civic Association promotes, supports or sponsors many local activities not limited to but including…

The Civic Association is also a member of the South Beaches Chamber, Visitors & Convention Bureau partner and support many worthy local groups like the Friends of Scenic A1A, St. Johns County Cultural Council and Friends of the Library.

We welcome input from our members and make every effort to be a positive influence on the quality of life for our residents and our many tourists who visit our community each year. We are not a political organization. We do not support or endorse candidates. We do encourage our members to be well informed on issues that impact our community. Please vote for the candidate of your choosing!