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Great news for our Market and the 2017 Music by the Sea Concert Series

Febuary 10, 2017

The County has given us an extension to keep the Wednesday Market open through January 31st of 2018 under our current lease terms. This will give the Civic Association time to work on a new lease for 2018 and beyond. According the SABCA President Bill Jones there is still much work and persuasion to be done. “It is our goal to keep the Market at Pier Park. This is where our organization started the Market 18 years ago. The community, our visitors and our vendors love the location and we still maintain that closing or moving the Market will not solve the County’s revenue shortfall or the parking challenges at the beach,” Jones said. “It is imperative that the community continues to sign the petition, email and call members of local and county government and let them know the Market is vital to our community’s quality of life and identity.”

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January 15, 2017

In response to St Johns County Administrator Michael Wanchick’s decision to end the Wednesday Market at the Saint Johns County Pier Park, The St Augustine Beach Civic Association (SABCA) has launched on Online Petition called “Save the Market – Save the Music”. “It is our goal to have 2000 signatures within the next few day” according to SABCA President Bill Jones. “Revenue from The Wednesday Market pays for nearly 60% of the expenses of the very popular Music by the Sea free concert series”.

In addition to being great tourist attractions, these two events create over $400,000 in direct economic impact and over 3.2 million of positive indirect impact to Saint Augustine Beach and many small businesses. According to Saint Augustine Mayor Rich O’Brien these two events “are two big reasons our beach is such a desirable place to live, work and vacation. These events have run for nearly two decades and have become as important to our identity as our beautiful white sandy beaches.”

People can sign the petition at or via Face Book on the Saint Augustine Beach Pier Music by the Sea page. According to Jones the online petition is very important. “Our Face Book pages have over 7000 friends, many of these friends are tourists who can’t be here to attend a Commission meeting or sign a petition in person at our Market.” The Civic Association is also encouraging market and concert supporters to attend the County Commission meeting on Tuesday morning. According to Jones “the lease is not on the agenda but the Commission will take Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting.” The meeting is set for Tuesday January 17th at 9 AM in the County Auditorium, 500 San Sebastian View

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