St Augustine Beach Civic Assocation | FAQ
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When was the Civic Association formed?

The Civic Association was formed in 1980 for the purpose of promoting civic pride, monitor governmental actions that impact the community and to promote the community as a desirable place to live, work and visit. In 2000, the Board of Directors recognized that Art & Music play an integral role in the community’s quality of life. SABCA began to produce events and support other non-profits to create arts & cultural events that gave the community its own unique identity. SABCA created the Wednesday Farmers, Arts & Crafts Market, Music by the Sea Free Concert Series, Surf Illumination (our community Christmas tree lighting festival) and other events. The promotion of arts & culture is part of our organization’s mission.

Is SABCA a non-profit organization?

Yes it is! When formed in 1980, the original IRS designation was a 501(C)(3). In 1998 the IRS amended its code and created a new category for civic groups, and we were moved by the IRS to a 501(C)(4) non-profit designation. To raise funds used exclusively to promote Arts & Culture, the Civic Association formed a 501C3 charitable arm called the Beach Music & Arts Fund, Inc. Donations made to this fund are tax deductible and are used exclusively to compensate musical performers and support the Visual Arts. No monies donated to this fund are used for any other purpose.

Is the organization political?

According to IRS guidelines a 501(C)(4) can participate in a limited manner in the political process. SABCA has never donated funds or officially endorsed any political candidate. We choose rather to educate the community on issues and allow citizens to make their own decision on whom to vote for.

How are Officers / Board members compensated?

They are not. Our Board of Directors are community members who volunteer their time. While we have no employees, we do pay subcontractors like bands, production companies and police officers for our events.

Does your group have oversight?

Yes – our monthly meetings included a financial report documented by bank statements. SABCA also has three trustees that conduct an annual financial revue each February as required in our bylaws. Because our Music by the Sea concerts receive a TDC grant, our tax return (IRS form 990 and sub-contractor 1099 forms) are available to the public.

What is the make-up of the organization?

We have seven Board Members that are elected by our voting members every two years. We have over 600 members and enjoy the support of over 7000 friends on our very popular Facebook pages “We Love St Augustine Beach” and “St Augustine Pier Music by the Sea”.

What is the cost to be a member and what benefits do members receive?

Annual Membership dues are as follows; Individual memberships $15 while Family & Corporate Membership are $25. In addition to the pride of supporting our mission and activities, each member receives a card that can be used to obtain discounts at over 80 local businesses. This program is a win – win for our members and the local economy. Our members win because as they shop they more than recoup the cost of joining. The local economy wins because our members shop and support local business, many of which are small businesses.

Still have questions?

Simply call 904-347-8007 and set an appointment with our President and Treasurer and we’ll do our very best to supply you with any other details you need.